Very High Cutting Price

Students under Mitra RoemahRobot will enjoy 50.000IDR/month/student robotic class, whereas normal class would start at 500.000IDR/month/student.


Solid Team Building

Build or creating or deisgning a robot is a matter of teamwork and under Mitra RoemahRobot, the community assist you

New Product To Be Tested First by Mitra

To be equal with world’s updated technology, RoemahRobot give effort to be part in it, with always bring the newest tech to Indonesia and test and study them.



There are many benefits the schools or institutions get as Mitra RoemahRobot, Mitra is the soul of RoemahRobot.


Get Your First Own Robot And More

Once your school or institution be part of Mitra RoemahRobot, we treat you special and encourage your school to be always in the robotic events national or international. Not only that, we also encourage all our Mitra to grow fast in technology equal with other professionals.



What You Get With RoemahRobot ProAction

Complete Robot Modul

Full Customization

Full Support

Free Software Related

"Anak anak didik kami di SMA AlAzhar menjadi bukan hanya terampil dan paham Agama tetapi juga Robotika, teknologi yang sedang trend saat ini

SMA AlAzhar.

"RoemahRobot Palu membantu sekolah kami hingga tidak melewatkan tiap event robotika nasional dan internasional. Kami cukup berbangga ketika dapat ambil andil dalam pengembangan teknologi seperti ini"

SMP Al Azhar Palu.

"Sekolah kami meraih nominasi dalam lomba robot Indonesia di Robofest 2018, satu satunya dari Indonesia bagian tengah. Berkat bimbingan RoemahRobot ProAction"

MAN IC Palu 


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